anusri saraf

• who i am •

full-stack developer ~ engineer ~ musician ~ writer ~ leader
fifteen year old student from the bay with a passion for exploration, the pursuit of knowledge, and practically everything else as well
my goal is to discover and take advantage of all of the ways i can contribute to the world while doing what i love and living in contentment.



programming • i am proficient in numerous programming languages, including but not limited to: python, java, javascript, and html/css. you can check out some of my projects on github. i have been coding for years and i believe that it is the future. i have experience in web design, backend development, natural language processing, and much more. programming is special for me because it boils down to problem solving in an efficient manner, making its principles easily applied to our daily lives.

cybersecurity • i compete in online ctfs under the psuedonym art3m1s as part of the 6-member all-female team known as code red. through competing in these competitions, i have been able to develop various skills necessary for a career in the field, including forensics, reverse engineering, cryptography, password cracking, web access exploitation, log analysis, and many more. i have become familiar with tools such as ghidra, wireshark, gdb, gimp, and hashcat, and have been given opportunities to participate in competitions where my team and i act as a cybersecurity firm interacting with clients. additionally, i am one of the developers for the riceteacatpanda ctf.

robotics • being quite the geek when it comes to robotics, i have become skilled in robotics design and build practices, including autocad, fritzing, breadboarding, soldering, and woodworking. i complete projects with groups of girls from girl scouts for recreation and competition. i teach robotics as well.



music • my instruments of choice include voice, violin, piano, guitar, and ukulele. i compose, analyze, perform, and produce music. it is, as many of my arts are, a form of relaxation for me while serving to put my creative mind to work. i view music as something that can bring people together, and it can help us understand one another in ways that pure words simply cannot convey.

poetry • poetry is what i turn to when inspiration strikes me in the form of a snippet of a story. oftentimes i will find a way to describe something that follows rhyme and structure, and i will rush to write it down. it is in this way, and by reading the poetry of others, that i have developed my own poetry that expresses these thoughts and feelings concisely and with beauty.

writing • i have enjoyed writing for as long as i can remember. i was an avid reader when i was young, and i love to read even now. this love for reading became my passion and seed for writing. late nights and early mornings are when i love to write, because that is when i am isolated with my thoughts. i often write short stories about topics that i feel uncomfortable talking about normally or addressing in a poem. i seek to use imagery that reflects the thoughts and inner feelings of the characters, and to write stories that have a strong impact on the reader.



leadership & teamwork • teamwork is necessary for humans to make progress. i practice teamwork in cybersecurity, school, robotics, music, and in toastmasters. at school, i served as president of the freshman c/o 2022. during my time in the toastmasters program, i have served as president and vice president of education and have earned my competent leadership award. being a leader in these activities requires emotional intelligence, determination, and innovation.

public speaking • the toastmasters program also allows me to practice public speaking, yet another necessary skill, along with leadership, to become successful. i have earned my competent communicator award: my journey to this award was one that required a lot of growth. i became more comfortable on a stage, and learned how to reduce tension between a speaker and the audience while conveying a significant message.

mentorship • mentoring others is one of the most convenient ways i have found to contribute to the community. i mentor younger girl scouts, and i tutor students who need help with schoolwork and those who want to get ahead. throughout my life, i have had many valuable mentors who have helped me reach where i am today, and mentoring others is my way of giving back.

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